TrueAid Offers a Variety of Options for Managing Your Domain

Online success starts with a great domain. At Trueaid Infotech LLC, we make it easy and inexpensive to get the domain you want, fast. We offer all major Top Level Domains (TLDs) and over 25 Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs). Every domain registration includes the following domain tools:
URL Forwarding
Redirect traffic from one domain to another.
Email Forwarding
Automatically forward emails to other valid email addresses.
DNS Management
Retain total control over your DNS records.
Transfer Lock |Theft Protection
Protect your domain from unauthorized domain transfers & Theft.

Get a New Domain from TrueAid

Your domain is the online address of your business. Choose the perfect domain name and register it with TrueAid. You can also get a free domain when you upgrade to a Premium Plan.*

Connect Your Domain to Your Website

Already own a domain name? Great! You can connect it to your new TrueAid website with just a few clicks.

Receive Hosting on Our Hosting Services

When you choose  a website with TrueAid, hosting is free. We provide secure hosting on our cloud servers.